I have spent over twenty years in sales, marketing, and advertising. My journey has taught me that my calling in life is to make connections. It is my experiences in sales and the real world knowledge of what it takes to make the sale that positions me as your best choice for your web project. I have a deeper understanding of the entire sales process and customer journey than most creatives and web designers/developers. The practicality of your website drives me and my projects to be bottom line oriented and purpose driven.

I see web design as an art, and the development behind it a critical aspect in today's sales process and customer experience. You are fighting for a limited commodity, attention, time, and consideration of a potential customer. While everyone else is screaming "look at me", I can help your business attract attention and capture consideration by standiong out and above your competetors.

This sales first focus behind my design is what makes me different. I am not in this to just make websites, I am here to provide you a tool that will provide a positive impact when it comes to increasing your sales opportunities.


I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best companies in Blair County and beyond. I am truly the collection of these experiences and am thankful I have been able to experience success, meet some fantastic people, and learn some lessons along the way.

I am currently at Scott Electric Company working inside contractor sales, where I get to put into practice all of the sales techniques and customer service experiences I collected along the way. I get to be a part of a fantastic, family oriented company that has grown into one of the largest independent electrical distributors in the US.

Before Scott Electric, I spent time in the field working outside sales and business development for companies like Janitors Supply, YaZo Group, Sounds Good Media, and Forever Broadcasting.

Tech Stack

The websites I create are all made to communicate purpose and feeling. One that invites the user back or drives them to reach out. One part of this is the design. The layout, colors, and imagery are always combed over and scrutinized to perfection. The second part of the website is the development of the backend. The implementation and tech stack behind the scenes. My current approach is multifaceted and balanced.

Website development and structure are key to building websites that last. The architecture I choose to deploy on any given project is carefully chosen based on the needs of the client and the purpose.

In Touch

If you want to connect and stay jn touch the best way is to follow me on Instagram or connect with me on LinkedIn . I am active on both daily.

You can now also find me on Design Rush and Meta's new platform Threads. These are both new to be but I am excited about what they bring to the table.

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