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Search Engine Optimization

I build all of my websites fully Search Engine Optimized (SEO). But if you want to reach top spot on search engines when someone searches for your products/services you will still need some additional planning and action after your website goes live. I work with my clients to research the best keywords to target and then create a plan to pursue and track search engine rank positions for each critical keyword. I utilize the latest SEO guidelines and best practices along with amazing technology to create a customized SEO plan tailored to your goals. You get to the top of searches and detailed data along the way. I provide you with a dashboard that will show you how you are ranking, where your competitors are ranked, and even identify keywords that are being searched for that might be under represented in your area. There is a lot of info on how and when people search and I can put the data together in a way that allows you to identify opportunities and attract more attention to your website.

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Website Hosting & Maintenance

I have been hosting websites for well over a decade, and have the experience and know how to keep your website safe, secure, and running smooth. I offer managed care hosting that allows you to never have to worry about the little details or fixing issues on your website. I keep your website framework and backend updated to the latest software releases, monitor and actively track for malware and viruses, and I constantly check your contact forms to make sure you don't miss any leads coming your way. Taking care of a website takes time and I take that off of your plate so you can focus on your business. In me, you have a local contact that will be here for you and preemptively care for your website and monitor it's health, status, and update content as needed. I also offer inexpensive DIY hosting so you can easily get your next website up and running in a secure environment with cPanel and FTP access. Plus you get the benefit of still having a local contact incase you need assistance.

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Analytics Setup & Management

New and every changing privacy regulations and the rollout of next generation tracking/analytics coding have made setting up and utilizing programs like Google Analytics difficult. I can set up your Google Analytics 4 tracking for you so you can still get all of the visitor data you need, experience the new data features, and have it all sent to you on customized reports. This will allow you to be completely compliant with regulations and still have access to the data that will sharpen your advertising and marketing plans. I help you go over everything that can be tracked and decide what info you need so the reports are not overburdened with facts and figures you don't want. I also offer you a privatized, on site analytical option with software that is hosted on the same server as your website incase you need an option to collect data but not have to share it. This keeps you totally protected from having to display any cookie notifications and provides a more secure environment for your visitors.

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Email Automation

Not following up with a customer is a huge reason businesses loose sales. When a visitor fills out any of form, they are showing serious buying signals. Don't let a delay in responding to their submission allow them to cool off or shop elsewhere. I custom design automated email workflows that send your visitor an instant email when they submit you or or sales team lifting a finger. These emails are tailored to the visitors specific interaction. When a potential customer gets a personalized, relevant email from you quickly, it will greatly impact the experience & help you win more sales. These email workflows allow you to funnel the visitor into your pipeline & will improve your website sales process. Workflows are customized to your specifications and can even include follow up emails to auto send hours, days, or weeks after the initial interaction. Keep your customers in the loop and get alerts to you and your sales team through a variety of integrations with messaging apps, emails, and more.

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